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    Letty Semana


    I've always been highly impressed with the beautiful and creative floral arrangements I've ordered for friends and family members, which have exceeded my expectations.  I've waited in anticipation and excitement to see what would be delivered next.

    However, my most recent order for my sister's birthday was not impressive and lacked the variety of flowers used, which stands out as your trademark especially with the abundance of different varieties during the summer months.

    It mostly consisted of huge yellow sunflowers which overpowered and overcrowded the beauty of the pink peonies, which instead should have been highlighted and complimented in a way to show them off.  Additionally there were only 3 variety of flowers which included yellow Sunflowers, pink Peonies and purple Cala Lilies.

    I thought it was important for me to share my feedback as I am a huge fan of Farmgirl Flowers, so much so that I've highly recommended you to several friends, family and colleagues and hope that you would be consistent in creating beautiful floral arrangements which you are famously known for.




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    Letty Semana

    These are the arrangements which have exceeded my expectations.

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    Per a friend's recommendation I placed an order for some flowers for my one year wedding anniversary. The flowers arrived on time (thanks for that!) but I must say, I'm a little (okay, a lot) disappointed in the quality. The flowers are wilted and there are even some stems that are completely dried up and dead, which you'll see in the attached pictures. For comparison, an arrangement that I received a few weeks ago from a local florist cost me about $70.00 and was gorgeous - far superior but not quite as convenient. I suppose there is some give and take and while I appreciate you offering a service that is easy the quality of the product need A LOT of work. To say I'm a little disappointed is an understatement as I feel very let down with what was delivered. Unfortunately my wife already saw the arrangement or else I would have scrapped it and ran to the store for a higher quality (and cheaper) option.


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